Design your environment together

Work together in a fun and effective way towards a design for a project near you. With which all users can enjoy their climate adaptive living environment. Designing together will lead to users enjoying their climate-adapative living environment.

Why is civic engagement important?

Citizen participation


Citizen participation provides a wealth of information. Using YIMBY gives you a good idea of what is going on among local residents. Their knowledge about their own environment can provide valuable information!


Allowing citizens to participate and listen to their ideas and input creates a connection between the users. It also allows for a different type of dialogue between citizens and the 'decision makers'.


Involving citizens increases support for changes in their environment by lowering barriers and removing misunderstandings that can occur when not having a connecting platform.


With the advent of the Omgevingswet, citizens are required to participate in thinking about and deciding on their living environment. We want to avoid 'boring' participation and encourage it in a fun way.

What can Yimby do?

The game and its possibilities

Our citizen participation game YIMBY Design allows citizens to review, adapt, create designs for a neighborhood or public space. Furthermore, one can test the designs for sensitivity to heat stress, drought and flooding.

The premise of the game is to make the project area climate adaptive and to have the users of the area actively participate in these changes. YIMBY can contribute to participation processes at different levels of the participation ladder and as it is a digitial platform, it can be used flexibly. Here you can see the features of YIMBY Design.



Community involvement is important. YIMBY Design provides an active role for citizens in decision-making about their environment. The game creates a mutual understanding between users and administrators, together they are able to come to a final design.

Draagvlak creëren
Creating support

By including citizens in the design process, you create support for changes in the living environment. The game informs citizens about the resilience of designs to heat stress, drought and flooding. This creates clarity about why certain choices are made and how these choices affect their daily environment.


Unlike other forms of civic participation, the game is easily accessible from home, whenever you have the time. YIMBY is digital, visual and user-friendly. With easy access, larger groups of citizens will be inclined to participate. YIMBY encourages and facilitates civic participation.

Data analysis and consulting

Because YIMBY is an online application, the choices citizens make in the game, are reflected as data. We use these insights to advise on the design of public spaces. We therefore give data driven advise about the thought of the users.

Game tutorial

How does the game work?

Here you can see a preview of the game and an explanation of all the steps once you get started!


Spatial planning in the broadest sense

Yimby can be widely used in various fields. Here are some examples.


For the redesign of neighborhoods, parks and other public spaces, municipalities can facilitate citizen participation with YIMBY.

Educational institutions

With YIMBY, school areas and plazas can be made more climate adaptive. Students & faculty can thus create an outdoor space together, creating a more pleasant learning and working environment.

Business parks

Heat stress and flooding are often common in business parks, with YIMBY there is a platform for businesses to express their wishes, requirements and possibilities. This visualizes a climate adaptive version of their shared space.

Housing Associations

For the design of collective outdoor spaces, YIMBY can provide visual insight into the possibilities. In which the wishes of local residents are heard and information about climate adaptation in the area is provided.


Steps to success

What does a successful implementation look like?

  • Intake & area analysis

We discuss the best use of YIMBY for your specific issue and carry out an area analysis. In doing so, we look at the current physical layout and the demographic characteristics of the citizens and what influence these have on the design area. We visualize this and make it digitably accessible to the participants of the project.

  • Yimby design moment

The YIMBY Design moment is when the users play the game and give their opinion. Exciting! They do this by assessing, editing or creating designs and testing them for climate resistance. If necessary, we can organize a marketing campaign and other supporting activities to increase participation.

  • Data analysis & consulting

We analyze the data from YIMBY and advise on the design of the project area. This makes it clear what the wishes of citizens are and how these can be incorporated into the design. Throught this process the opinions of the users come to the foreground and are included.


Modular design

The participation game consists of a basic package to which, based on the needs of our clients, we can add various modules. The basic module is focused around spatial development. To better involve residents and thus increase the support of that target group in design and redevelopment projects.

In the near future, we will develop modules for applications in the areas of energy transition and circular construction. If you have any other ideas, let us know!

Group 13

Climate Adaptation

Heat stress, drought and flooding can be tested and the design objects provide information on climate resilience effects. Informing citizens on their choices.

Street or neighborhood redevelopment

For the redesign of streets, neighborhoods or shopping areas, the game offers many different objects and substrates. With these, citizens can visually express their wishes.

Playing facilities

Many playgrounds offer opportunities for climate adaptive solutions, in YIMBY this is well combined with playground equipment.

School grounds

Every school site is used differently and requires a different approach, YIMBY's flexible deployment is in line with this.

Energy transition

Measures regarding energy transition, such as heat networks and natural gas-free neighborhoods have an effect on the design of the living environment.

Circular construction

YIMBY can support government campaigns around sustainability and circularity, as well as build support for alternative building methods and materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer & Explanation

Why can YIMBY work better than other forms of civic participation?

YIMBY Design ensures that multiple voices are heard. This happens because the game is accessible online. This allows participants to share their opinions in their own time without being required to be somewhere and have knowledgeable about the theme. By playing the game, users learn a lot about the environment and the benefits of climate-adaptive design.

How large can my area be and how many citizens can participate?

The size of the area is flexible, it can be a park of 20 by 20 meters, or an entire street or terrain redesign. Because the game can zoom in quite far, and all objects must be placed, it is less useful for an entire city. By using a flexible online platform, this can be customized based on the project. There are no limits in how many people can use the platform.

How much time does the process take and how much does it cost?

The time and cost depend on the chosen application of the game. In the case where the goal is to assess only an area, this will take less time than completely designing an area yourself and editing all the results. Are you curious about the cost for your project, please contact us without obligation!

What can I expect from the advice report?

The advice is based on the data coming out of the YIMBY Design moment. This is the quantitative data that comes from the game itself from which hotspot maps are made. But also qualitative data, for example through comment analysis or interviews with participants. We also look at the issues in the area through an area analysis and an intake interview. With these elements, we can provide targeted advice on what the desire is for the area, the barriers that exist, as well as how to potentially overcome them.

Is there any explanation of the game?

If you are a user using Yimby, you will find our game explanation here.

Do you have another question? Ask us!

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Game demonstration

Want to know more about this game and its features? If so, please contact us without obligation. We are happy to give a demonstration and look at the possibilities suitable for your issue.